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Artful Bites : Charming Cherry Pie Wall Decor


Discover the delicious world of Artful Bites. A Sweet Illusion- The art of 3D food on your walls.

❤️Introducing my new product line: "Artful Bites" ❤️

❤️Turn your walls into a delicious masterpiece with my 3-Dimensional fake food wall décor. Artful Bites is here to transform your space with a product that gracefully fuses the worlds of art and food! Each piece is meticulously handcrafted and so realistic it will make your mouth water.

❤️This is the 5th design in this collection.

❤️ Name: "Charming Cherry Pie"

❤️Features: Fake Cherry Pie with Fluffy Whipped Cream

❤️Size: 8" round canvas

❤️Handcrafted artisan authenticity: Original design, crafted by me and authenticated with my unique "Design by Joan" signature.

Description: This whimsical canvas art piece showcases a tempting faux cherry pie adorned with luscious whipped cream and a whimsically curvy crust.

The canvas is alive with vibrant colors, as deep red hues of the faux cherries pop against the creamy backdrop of the pie. The cherries have been meticulously placed in detail, creating a sense of plump juiciness that almost appears good enough to eat.

The whipped cream, with its soft and billowy texture, adds a touch of elegance. The peaks create a sense of lightness that contrasts with the richness of the cherries. The creamy white tones provide a delightful balance to the vivid reds, contributing to the overall visual harmony.

One of the standout features of the artwork is the creatively crafted crust using a playful approach, fashioning a crust with charming curves and twists. The whimsical crust and silver painted canvas capture the essence of a polished pie pan adding another element of fantasy to the piece transforming this cherry pie into a magical creation.

It's a celebration of the joyous and indulgent nature of desserts, inviting you to savor the visual sweetness of a faux cherry pie.

Whether hung in a kitchen, dining area, or art gallery, this canvas art piece is sure to evoke smiles and perhaps even inspire a craving for a delicious slice of cherry pie.

❤️More designs are coming soon! Create your own unique wall of 3D fake food and give your walls a taste of creativity. You can mix and match to curate your own fake food art wall gallery.

❤️This 8 inch round piece will arrive with a red check ribbon and red check bows attached, ready to hang on your wall.

The design has been permanently sealed for protection however it is also very delicate and should be cared for with love.

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Artful Bites : Charming Cherry Pie Wall Decor

SKU: ArtfulBites_05
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