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Bright Neon Color Ice Cream Cones for Decor/ Display🍨

***Price listed is for (1) Fake Ice Cream Cone:

CHOOSE your Color:

Bright Neon Pink Cone w/ Orange Straw

Bright Neon Orange Cone w/ Green straw

Bright Neon Yellow Cone w/ Pink straw

Bright Neon Green Cone w/ Yellow straw

❣️They look sooo REAL!!! BUT they are FAKE soooo, just do NOT EAT them!!!

Approximate Size: is a a Regular Ice Cream Cone

Please understand: Due to the nature of these beautiful & unique handmade creations, no two are exactly the same. There will be a slight difference in each one... but that’s what makes them so SPECIAL!!!! and look like they are the REAL thing!!❣️

***additional props pictured are NOT included. They are for display purposes only ❣️

Bright Neon Color Ice Cream Cones for Decor/ Display

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