Christmas Candyland  Candy Cane Door Wreath


If you love Christmas Candyland themed decor then this is the wreath for you!!! Made with Pink & White deco mesh filled with Festive Pink, Green & Teal Ribbon and Mini Cupcakes! Super fun Candy Cane wreath made with all of the details! All ribbon is wired and can be reshaped as needed.


Make this your new keepsake to enjoy for years to come!!


I recommend keeping the box the wreath is shipped in for later storage in a climate controlled area to help protect and preserve the wreath. It is highly recommended to keep the wreath in a covered area to protect from various weather conditions such as wind, rain, snow, and sun damage. 

Wreath Dimensions: About 32-34" from top to bottom

Christmas Candyland Candy Cane Door Wreath

SKU: 220