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DIY Dashing Deco Base: Halloween Black & Pink


Poof method on a hot pink wire frame using a quality deluxe metallic stripe deco mesh in black and hot pink

Aproximate size: 22"

(see additioinal picture of mesh used for this base)


Introducing the…  Dashing Deco Base

For those of you who... JUST want to have fun Decorating your wreath!


I did the hard part for you!


The DIY Dashing Deco Base is built on a wire frame with Deco Mesh.


All you have to do is choose a color. design. style.


After you receive your Dashing Deco Base, just add your own unique embellishments to create the perfect deco mesh wreath for any occasion!!

DIY Dashing Deco Base: Halloween Black & Pink

SKU: ddb01
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