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💗PINK OCTOBER💗 is Breast Cancer Awareness Month💗

I can't stress enough my friends, PLEASE be sure to get your annual mammogram!!

It literally could save your life💗

I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer 2 years ago. This diagnosis came out of nowhere after a routine mammogram screening. At that time, no previous issues and no known family history. After my Breast Cancer Journey, I rang that Survivors Bell on July 11th 2018.

Survivors Bell Prayer:
Ring this bell, three times well
Its toll to clearly say:
My treatment is done!
This course is run!
And I am on my way!

💗 Women who fight Breast Cancer are some of the strongest women on this earth.
💗 I created this Breast Cancer Cupcake in Support of ALL of my Breast Cancer Sisters
💗 A percentage of all sales of this Cupcake will be donated to the Breast Cancer research Susan G. Komen Donation Foundation

💗 FAUX Cupcake for Breast Cancer Survivor Display Gift💗
💗 Celebrate your Number of Years of being Cancer Free with one of my Cupcakes

***Price listed is for (1) Fake Cupcake (your choice)

*** You may Choose the Number of Years you have been Cancer Free or:

💗*** Pink Mini Cupcake w/Pink Cherry

💗*** Plain White Ribbon on the Breast Cancer Cupcake

💗*** Plain White Ribbon w/ Pink Heart on the Breast Cancer Cupcake

**Please message me if your year is not available

These Sweet FAKE Cupcakes have a Swirl of FAKE Pink Frosting, a Custom made Breast Cancer Ribbon and Lots of Pink Sparkles.
The Cupcake liner is White with a Pink Breast Cancer Ribbon

💗They look sooo REAL!!! BUT they are FAKE soooo, just do NOT EAT them!!!

Each Cupcake is a Standard Size:

Please understand: There will be a slight difference in each one... but that’s what makes them so SPECIAL!!!! and look like they are the REAL thing!!💗

***Props pictured are not included, they are for display purposes

FAUX Cupcake for Breast Cancer Survivor Display Gift

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