🍥🍭Faux Pink Sandwich Cookies for Display🍥🍭


🍥🌸🍭🌸 🍥🌸🍭🌸🍭🍥🌸🍭🍥🌸🍭


Faux Pink SandwichCookie with White Filling in the Center




Set of 3 Cookies- $13.50

Set of 6 Cookies- $25.50

Set of 12 Cookies- $45.00

How cute would these Fake Cookies look in your Kitchen, Coffee Bar Displays, Photo props, Party Decorations, Tier Tray Displays! They would look amazing on your Tablescape and sooo much more!!!!!🍥🍥🍭They look sooo REAL!!! BUT they are FAKE soooo, just do NOT EAT them!!!

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Please understand: There will be a slight difference in each one... but that’s what makes them so SPECIAL!!!! and look like they are the REAL thing!!🍥

***Props are not included, they are for display purposes

Faux Pink Sandwich Cookies for Display