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Festive Green Flocked Bunny Rabbit w/ Authentic Mackenzie Childs Courtley Check Bow 

~~Perfect for Easter or Spring~~


These cute little bunnies are perfect for your spring decor.

They would be gorgeous anywhere in your house... Living Room, Foyer, Hallway Table, Dining Room, Kitchen, Bedroom...Anywhere! and will match beautifully with all of your other Courtly Check Decor from this well known collection! 


~~All ribbon is wired and can be reshaped as needed~~


Choose your size: Approximate Dimensions: 


  • Bunny #1
  • (12" tall x 6 1/2"wide)
  • Bunny #2
  • (7" tall x 10"wide)
  • Bunny #3
  • (7" tall x  5"wide)
  • Bunny #4
  • (6"tall x 6"wide)

Green Flocked Bunny Rabbit with Designer Black Check Bow

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