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💗❄️🍥 Mini Candyland Gingerbread Christmas Mugs with Faux Whipped Cream

💗These little Mini's are perfect accents for your Christmas Kitchen Decor and Tiered Trays❄️
🍥❄️ Such a Sweet Realistic Handmade Faux Treat!! 🍥💗❄️


Price listed is for (1) Mini Candyland Gingerbread Christmas Mugs with Faux Whipped Cream!!

🍥💗❄️Choose your design:

❄️💗***Price listed is for (1) Mini Pink Girl Gingerbread Mug w/Faux Whip Cream---- (Pink- Girl)
❄️💗***Price listed is for (1) Mini Blue Boy Gingerbread Mug w/Faux Whip Cream--- (Blue- Boy)

❄️💗***Price listed is for a Set of 2 Mini Mugs- (1 pink and 1 blue)

🍥💗❄️**Please Note: This is a MINI (3 oz) ceramic mug**🍥💗❄️


🍥💗❄️****Each Mini mug varies in height-- They are approximately 4.5” to 5" tall x 3.5” wide with handle 🍥💗❄️

🍥💗❄️These Fake Bake Creations are super popular!! You can use them for so many things!! Farmhouse Decor Displays, Photo props, Party Decorations, Tier Tray Displays and sooo much more!!!!!❄️🍥❄️They look sooo REAL!!! BUT they are FAKE soooo, just do NOT EAT them!!!


💗Check out my shop for other FAKE BAKE Decor Designs❄️

🍥💗❄️Please understand: Due to the nature of these beautiful & unique handmade creations, no two are exactly the same. There will be a slight difference in each one... but that’s what makes them so SPECIAL!!!! and look like they are the REAL thing!!❄️

******additional props pictured are NOT included. They are for display purposes only!

© 2023 Dashing Door Decor All rights reserved.

Mini Candyland Gingerbread Christmas Mugs with Faux Whipped Cream

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