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DIY My Cozy Cap™ Base that Fits Rae Dunn Mugs


🤎️Do you want a mug topper that will not slip and fall off your Mugs? I figured out a way with My Cozy Cap™.  🤎My Cozy Cap™ Faux Whip Toppers will stay put and not fall off your mugs!


My Cozy Cap™ is a custom fit mug topper base that will sit down inside your mug, jar, bowl, etc... to prevent it from sliding off.​🤎️It’s the perfect solution for making faux whip toppers.


Don't waste your time and money buying or creating your mug toppers on a piece of flat foam board!! A lot of effort goes into making these topper designs. Those foam circles just seems like a waste of time and effort only to have your beautiful creations slide and fall off your mugs once displayed. We can create a My Cozy Cap™ base to fit ANY size you need!! Just contact us!



*****DIY My Cozy Cap™ Base Fits Rae Dunn Mugs

(please note: mugs are not included in this listing)

Bulk price list as follows::


(1) My Cozy Cap™ Base = $4.00

10 pack My Cozy Cap™ Bases = $37.50 

20 pack My Cozy Cap™ Bases = $68.00 

50 pack My Cozy Cap™ Bases = $150.00 


🤎️This SWEET little tool will take your faux whip toppers to the next level...


🤎️My Cozy Cap™ allows you to use your creativity for all of your faux whip topper designs!!


**I also sell My Cozy Cap™ faux whip mug toppers completely decorated here in my shop!!


🤎️Join the FUN and use #mycozycap on all of your Faux Food designs!!


******Rae Dunn mugs and additional Mugs/ props pictured are NOT included. They are for display purposes only!


DIY My Cozy Cap™ Base that Fits Rae Dunn Mugs

SKU: CozyCap_01
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