DIY Blank My Cozy Cap™ Fits Rae Dunn Mugs


🤎️Do you want a mug topper that will not slip and fall off your Mugs? I figured out a way with My Cozy Cap™


My Cozy Cap™ is a tool that fits your specified Mugs, Jars, bowls, etc... It will sit down inside your mug and keep it from falling off.  ️It’s the perfect solution for making faux whip toppers for your creations.


🤎️My Cozy Cap™ will stay put and not fall off your mugs!!


*****DIY Blank My Cozy Cap™ Fits Rae Dunn Mugs

(please note: mugs are not included in this listing)

Bulk price list as follows::


(1) Cozy Cap = $4.00

10 pack Cozy Caps = $37.50 

20 pack Cozy Caps = $68.00 

50 pack Cozy Caps = $150.00 


🤎️This SWEET little tool will take your faux whip toppers to the next level...


🤎️My Cozy Cap™ allows you to use your creativity for all of your faux whip topper designs!!


**I also sell My Cozy Cap™ faux whip mug toppers completely decorated here in my shop!!


🤎️Join the FUN and use #mycozycap on all of your Faux Food designs!!


******Rae Dunn mugs and additional Mugs/ props pictured are NOT included. They are for display purposes only!


DIY Blank My Cozy Cap™ Fits Rae Dunn Mugs

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