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Singing Gingerbread Man Baking Christmas Cookies Wreath

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This ADORABLE❣️ Gingerbread wreath has a SINGING Gingerbread Man! ❣️ Just touch (his) left hand and he will sing you a Christmas Song!! ❣️ He is SUPER busy this Holiday Season BAKING COOKIES!! He even has his Cookie RECIPE all written out on his SWEET Baking Apron!! Check it out, he already has a couple COOKIES finished!! Just don’t eat them!! They are FAKE COOKIES!! But they look soooo REAL!! ❣️


❣️How SWEET would this wreath be displayed in your home this Christmas Season? It’s SURE to be the CENTER of attention! ❣️



Approximate Wreath Dimensions: 26" wide x 30" tall


It is highly recommend keeping the wreath in a covered area to protect from various weather conditions such as wind, rain, snow, and sun damage. I also recommend keeping the box the wreath is shipped in for later storage in a climate controlled area to help protect and preserve the wreath.

Singing Gingerbread Man Baking Christmas Cookies Wreath

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