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Its a One of a Kind~ Don’t Miss Out! ❤️

This wreath is so CHARMING!! it's SURE to turn your home into a FESTIVE PARTY this holiday season.


Super Sweet Whimsical Wreath in a Mix of HOT 2019 SEASONAL Candy FUN Colors in Pink, Bright Red & Blue! ❤️ Featuring a Super Large Polka Dot Lollipop with DRIPPING ice cream & SPRINKLES, two adorable Frosty Snowman Ornaments, PEPPERMINT Curly Sprays in Sparkly Red/White w/Blue Fuzzy accents, and Mini Cupcake Accents in the center of a Hand Tied Bow with Coordinating Ribbons in Bubble Gum Pink w/ Large White Polka Dots, Red and White Candy Cane Stripes. Frosty Ice Blue Glitter Ribbon with Whimsical Blue Pom Poms and Long Flowing Curly Tails, ❤️


Measures Approximately: 28" wide x 30 high ~ Ready to Ship!


****This Wreath is ONE of a KIND and will definitely be a showstopper in your home****


I recommend keeping the box the wreath is shipped in for later storage in a climate controlled area to help protect and preserve the wreath.

Whimsical Christmas Candy ~ Lollipop ~ Snowman ~ Cupcake Wreath

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