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🌸💜🌸 Whimsy Vintage Faux Purple Drip Cake w/Chocolate Hearts for Display

🌸💜🌸 This Sweet Faux Cake has layers of colorful details!! It was created with soft purple faux frosting, peeking through you will notice a subtle layer of dark faux purple cake underneath. The top of the cake features a white vanilla drip glaze topped off with faux frosting swirls, faux chocolate candy hearts, pink check bows and whimsical dollops on the bottom of the cake adding that sweet finishing touch!!

🌸So pretty on display in a kitchen, or as a photo prop for a photo shoot. 💜Perfect for Valentine's Day Decor, this cake is quick and easy!! When this cake arrives, simply place it on your favorite cake stand and you voila have instant gorgeous décor!! This cake offers the texture and visual appeal that is so whimsical🌸

A quick and simple way to decorate and add that extra special touch to your décor. Very lightweight and will last for many years!

🌸💜🌸💜🌸 A sweet gift without the calories!🌸💜🌸💜🌸
A perfect gift for that special friend/someone who LOVES cakes! Imagine the happiness your can bring to your friend/family member when they receive this lovely creation!

🌸These Fake Bake Creations can be used in Homes for Decor pieces, Coffee Shops, Rae Dunn Display, Coffee Bar Displays, Photo props, Party Decorations, Tier Tray Displays and sooo much more!!!!!💜 Check our my shop for more one of a kind Fake Food Art Creations!

🌸They look sooo REAL!!! BUT they are FAKE soooo, just do NOT EAT them!!!

Please understand: Due to the nature of these beautiful & unique handmade creations, no two are exactly the same. There will be a slight difference in each one... but that’s what makes them so SPECIAL!!!! and look like they are the REAL thing!!🌸


Cake Size: 5 inches wide x 5 inches high (toppings add additional height)

***additional props pictured are NOT included. They are for display purposes only

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Whimsy Vintage Faux Purple Drip Cake w/Chocolate Hearts for Display

SKU: 336
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